To Win This Game, You Have To Guess Where It Abandoned You

GeoGuessr, as you might have guessr'd from the name, is a straightforward game.

You get dropped in the middle of a random location on Google Street View and have to guess, based on your surroundings, where the hell you are. The closer you are, the higher your score. Pretty simple right?

The difficulty varies wildly. Sometimes it'll drop you in front of a sign that reads "Welcome to Rio De Janeiro", and other times it'll strand your arse on a dirt road that could be almost anywhere. One thing is clear though: It's stupidly addictive, and perfectly simulates the sensation of waking up in the middle of an unfamiliar, foreign country after a week long bender.

I...I can't stop playing it, you guys. Play it here, if you dare.


    Second round it placed me 5 minutes away from where I live. No joke.

    We've been totally hooked on it all afternoon, so it was funny to see you guys posting on it too!
    Such a superb idea, and best use of Google Streetview I've seen.
    Not just PC - works on tablets too.

    Entertaining, 6341 for my first guess, second ones taking me a while since I'm still searching the area, road says ALTO and apparently I'm somewhere in Italy at the moment...

    This is completely brilliant. Closest guess so far was 13 meters away.

    1968 first try this is already better than sim city

    Quite amazing how accurate your guesses can be.

    20279..... at least I got in the same country for all of them.... some were crazy hard...

    Last edited 17/05/13 6:06 pm

    Every second country for me has been flippin America. I guess anywhere in Europe or Oceania is too good for me.

    This is really cool.

    For the record, Russian locations completely demolish me, because I just don't know where to place the marker in such a giant area.


      Evidence I beat you all Muahahahahaha.... 32381
        Not so fast. 32395. I win =)

    3 times in a row, iv landed in australia and picked it every time!

    actually after playing this for a bit, iv noticed some weird things, i found this billboard in spain with 3 peoples faces on it, and 2 are blurred out, and i spotted this bill board 14 times and all times the same 2 guys were blurred out :S

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    Got put on a desert road, and guessed 30km east of where I had been put.

    I feel like a God.

    17073 first try... I got some random backwater towns in alaska (I guessed middle of rural canada) and russia (picked middle of russia) that held me back though. Others were some norwegian fishing village that I was pretty close on, a town in brazil and some mountain in canada

    It's surprisingly addictive. Though it can get a bit easy if you give yourself unlimited time to explore around and find your location. Thus, hardcore rules: you can pan the view but you can't move, and you must pick a location in 60 seconds. Plays best with friends.

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