Today's Gamers Are Having A Little Trouble With Super Mario World, Too

It was recently established that the 2013 gamer is perplexed by some parts of 1994's Super Metroid. The 2013 gamer is having some issues with 1990's Super Mario World, too.

We can see these struggles on the Nintendo Wii U's Miiverse, a community accessible primarily through Nintendo's new console. The Miiverse enables gamers to take screenshots of what they're playing on the Wii U and then ask other system owners for help.

Here are some of the requests for help we saw posted to the Miiverse by people who have played the re-released Super Mario World. In some cases, I'd say their confusion is justified:

Here's the Miiverse's now-infamous requests for Super Metroid assistance.


    Why does this article exist. *sigh

      At a guess, I would assume it's to pass on information about people struggling with Metroid to Kotaku readers. Could be wrong, though.

    Are gamers today so used to hand holding and lacking imagination that these simple things appear difficult, or is this only a thing due to the internet not being as prevalent then as it is now?

    "How do I make metroid crawl?" I saw that and immediately lost faith in humanity.

    I would assume that an identical amount of getting stuck occured in back in the day when these games were first released but the difference is the modern gamer simply has the ability to broadcast their cry for help.

    Not to say that modern games haven't become a LOT easier and filled with tutorials and puzzles that come bundled with their own solutions.

    Yes, let us write articles that make fun of the kids who call everyone noob. That's not feeding the flames or anything. *facepalm*

    This is a parody right? It feels like it, especially with the "End" screen. People are making a joke about the Super Metroid posts.

    I always hated post-credits screens that just left you stuck there until you reset or turned off the console.

      Yeah, but back then you knew that you needed to reset it.

      While this is amusing to some degree, in the defense of those people stuck on the ending screen, for the Wii U re-release of the game Nintendo really should have provided some kind of option to get back to the menu without resetting the game. It's silly that in 2013 a new-release game would just sit there on the ending screen with no way to back out, even if that new-release game is simply a re-release of a 23 year old game. I mean that's a TRC/TCR violation right there...if it was actually a *NEW* game, it wouldn't pass certification.

      Wait, it's been 23 years? Crap, I feel old :(

      Last edited 19/05/13 11:33 pm

        Back then, I still wasn't sure - part of me was always worried that it wouldn't have saved yet, so if I powered off I'd lose everything.

    Ahh yes the Forest of Illusion, I don't blame him I got stuck in that area for ages when I first played the game, wasn't till I saw in a magazine how to get out.

    Its not as Facepalm worthy as the Super Metroid one, give them a break

    This game sucks, I bought it thinking it was good, but it's not linear and doesn't go in a straight line whilst holding my hand and giving me le funny memes to laugh at.

    0/10 do not buy

      I have taken your post literally and am replying angrily at you. Raaaaaaaa.

    As I scrolled down the image I was, well-humouredly remembering my own woes with SMW, especially Forest of Illusion. I could sympathise; I believe that it's not true that they are worse gamers, but rather, they have an immediate platform to express their frustration. Moreover, with so many great games today competing for one's attention, there's no real reason to spend hours and hours in the same game doing the same thing while trying to figure things out.

    Then I reached the last comment.


    Didn't kids during the 90's just call the game help line instead, you know... that phone number on the back of the game manual? The internets weren't existing.

      Maybe for one game, one time. Then your parents got the bill, and 1900 numbers were banned forever after. :)

        So, so true. I got banned for calling up the hotline for Zelda on the snes.

        It's completely different now, you can just pretty much google anything.

          The Internet solves everything and I don't know how we survived without it. Why, on the weekend in the car, we were having a discussion in which we tried to figure out whether ants poop.

          I contended that EVERYTHING POOPS, no exceptions, but the case a friend made was compelling - ants mostly eat glucose and in the form of a liquid, so it would theoretically be possible for them to operate with zero waste products, right?

          Internet and smart phones. In a few minutes we all knew far more about any poop and pee than we ever wanted to. (Spoiler: they poop. Everything poops, I tellya.)

    Noob question; how does one zone in on those damn images without just doing Ctrl+ ?

      right click image on main site, open in new tab [for chrome anyway, probably similar for FF]

    We're almost there.....

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