Tomb Raider's Top 10 Moments, As Chosen By The Dev Team

It might seem a little egotistical to choose your top ten favourite moments from something you created — but I think this is a cool idea. The Tomb Raider development team chose its top ten moments from the game they created, and this video provides a little bit of neat insight into some of the goals of each sequence.

Of course I disagree with their choices! Of course. I particularly didn't like the way the radio tower climb was handled, and the team have put that at number 4.

I did, however, quite enjoy the bell puzzle they placed at number 5. That section looked and felt fantastic.

Anyway — give it a watch yourself. Drop your own personal favourite moments in the comments below.


    I can't think of any particular parts of the game which really blew me away but as a whole it is a great game!

      True, amazing game. Crazy the things Lara could survive and how far she can jump... got me thinking she is secretly a super soldier, like that girl in the resident evil movies.

    Lara getting punched in the face repeatedly, I don;t hate her (quite the oposite) but that stuck with me

    oh and her taking a swim in a river of blood...that had me laughing for some reason

    or the Dead space-esuq death scene of her getting impaled in the lower jaw

    but my absolute favorite is her getting impaled by a stick at the very start...Lara is having such a bad day even the sticks of the forrest want her dead

    Given the number of people involved in a game and how likely it is that they weren't working on any particular given part of a game, I'd say it's actually not a bad idea at all to hear what they thought of their colleagues' work.

    I thought this was going to be the top ten moments from all of the Tomb Raider games.

    One of my favorite bits wasn't from the game directly, it was Conan O'Briens reaction to the impalement death in his review

    My favorite part was when you could actually play the game for more than five minutes without being interrupted by a cut scene.

    My favourite bit was where the camera didn't shake around every 2ms causing me to get violent motion sickness...

    ... wait that never happened :/

    My favourite was when she reached the top of the tower and transmitted. When she sat up there and got her first glimpse of the sun, it felt like the first breath of fresh air since the beginning of the game.

      Yeah that was nice. Also I quite enjoyed that I was waiting for a everything-suddenly-collapses-under-you-QTE and that didn't actually happen in that bit :P

    Climbing the ice mountain at the end was really great, and as Mark mentioned the bell puzzle was really good.

    I loved the epic giant Oni fight at the end, chipping away at his armour before caning his head repeatedly with the pick. Was incredibly gratifying.

    Also, any moment where she gets really into it and starts screaming stuff like, "I'm going to kill you all!"

    Do not mess with Lara, mofos.

    Wow I'm really glad I stayed as far away from this "game" as I could

    Couldn't look more boring.

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