Tomorrow You Can Buy One Of The Best Games Ever Made For 30 Cents

Super Metroid is already on sale for 30 cents in the US, but the deal kicks off in Australia tomorrow. If you have a Wii U, oh man. Why would you not get on this.

It's Super Metroid guys. Super Metroid. It's a game so good that I totally wrote a post on Kotaku just to tell you to buy it. For 30 cents.

I can't believe this is a post but it just is.

If anything can make me turn on my Wii U it's Super Metroid.


    Why not? Because I already have three copies of it? But man, 30 cents. Just rummaged through my desk and found enough to cover it. Consider it a sale.

    Would be truly killer if they let me transfer it across to my 3DS at some point. Here's hoping they see the light eventually.

    Apparently it's the 50Hz version though. If you happen to be one of the people bothered by that.

    I wonder then, in that case, whether the opening scenes will have the German subtitles intact.

    Still, as much as I love Metroid, buying a game I already own isn't enough to make me turn on my Wii U I don't think.

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    I'm gonna wait until it's released on Xbox LIVE Arcade.


    Give me a 3DS version and I will pay 10x that

    I'll just keep playing this on my SNES....that's just how I roll.

    Based off of Wii U sales Nintendo's going to make bank on this. $1.50, maybe even as much as $3!

    My Wii U is all packed up for an interstate move, so this better still be cheap by the time I am all set up again. >:(

    One of my fave all time games, would love to play it all again.

    For 30c it's a no-brainer. I picked up punch out when it was at that price too. If you play it once, you've got your money's worth.

    Time to get a Wii-U?

    no :(

    30 cents sounds like a bargain, but Super Metroid is old, clunky and i've already got it on Super Nintendo. Great back in the day, but for someone thats already played it a billion times as a kid, I've learnt just because something is cheap, doesn't mean its worth a purchase..., or worth the replay time. But hey, either this or a maccas soft serve

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      Looks like its this then... soft serve cones are 50c

      This game has amazing replay value and is one of the only games from my childhood I still play regularly

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