Tony Stark Is Mega Man. I'm So Glad We Cleared That Up

No idea why I didn't put this together sooner! Mix the mythology of Iron Man with the retro stylings of Mega Man and you get a concoction that just works. Don't believe me? Then hit play on the clip above and watch it all come together in a classic game we all wish we could have played 20 years ago. Quick warning: if you haven't seen the first Iron Man film, this clip contains spoilers (albeit in abridged form).

OK, I realise Mega Man is a robot, while Iron Man is a dude in an exoskeleton. But there are enough similarities that replacing the cyan-suited android with the red-and-yellow gear, you'd swear it was meant to be, always and forever.

This one-minute, 22-second video was put together by CineFix — you can check out more of its videos on its YouTube channel.

8-bit Cinema: Iron Man in 60 Seconds [YouTube]


    10/10 Would buy. Someone please make this possible.

    That was actually awesome!!

    That was one of the ugliest things I've ever seen.

      Yeah, the old 8-bit Megaman games are woeful to look at. The 16-bit SNES ones, and the GBA-onwards titles were gorgeous, though.

        Not even just that I mean, but there are mis-sized pixels that overlap weird and stretch.

          Potentially video encoding errors, but less generously, it might be tweening errors for people who didn't hand-place their sprites >_>

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