Total War: Rome II Will Be Out Everywhere On September 3

Total War: Rome II will be out everywhere on September 3. The first slice of DLC — which offers up the three additional factions of Epirus, Athens and Sparta — is free if you pre-order.

So, render unto Caesar... this is madness, etc.


    Oh man, can't wait! Though I will probably have to look into upgrading my video card for this. I don't think my 560ti would be able to hack it.

      I remember CA saying that if you can run Total war: Shogun 2, you can run Rome 2.
      I think it was said in their first "siege of carthage" video that they released. Have a look around if you are interested.

    Is it wrong that I'm looking at buying a new PC in time for this?

      In my opinion, it's never wrong to look at buying a new PC as long as it's an upgrade. But for this, especially good.

    boooooooo why not just include all the damn factions in the damn game! man i hate that. taking shit out and re-selling it for extra. fucking sucks. excuse the swearing but that is my most hated DLC types by far!
    If you can get it for free on day one by pre-ordering, then those 3 factions are obviously already ready to go, just include them in the game I am already purchasing for full price dammit! (shakes fist!)
    this tempts me to hold off purchasing until 'full version' is actually released, depending how many other factions they are stripping out to sell back to me later.

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      in saying that, it looks tremendous. one hope is that the campaign and battle AI are significantly improved, though they do seem to get it a bit better and better usually with each release.

    My only concerns are that the ship combat will play a lot like vanilla Shogun 2, a real let down after the gunpowder era of Empire and that the A.I. will sucj as usual abd I'll have to wait for Darth Mod or something.

    Pre=order DLC is bad enough but I bet they bring out retailer persific DLC like they did with Shogun 2.

    First off, GTAV aint so high on the list anymore. This will take all priority but I agree with the day one dlc being a cheap marketing trick to drum up pre orders. Surely they could do us the courtesy of waiting a month or two before releasing the dlc and incorporate it into post release content?

    Based on Shogun 2 complete I have no doubt I'll buy whatever they throw at me. Dammit.

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