Ugly PS3 And Xbox 360 Game Delayed Again. For The Eighth Time.

Daisenryaku Perfect: Ruler of the Battlefield, a console game made by a real Japanese game studio, has been officially delayed for the eighth time. Sigh.

The game was supposed to be out this spring. And yet again, it's been delayed "to further improve quality". The game's new release date is now... TBA. (Ha, good luck with that!) The game should cost around 7000 yen ($70) — that is, if it ever comes out.

Since 2011, this retail package game has been delayed eight times. Count 'em, eight.

大戦略パーフェクト [Official Site via はちま起稿]


    Kotaku and Daisenryaku have become like Top Gear and the Dacia Sandero. It is so terrible you just want to play with it to see how bad it could really be and the delays are just upsetting.

    Wonder if the wii u could handle this baby... the graphics might be a bit too high end.

      The wii us underpowered anyway and so it would run perfect. :)

    Wow. Those graphics would've been considered crap even in the PS1 days.

      PS1? That's generous! This doesn't look too far removed from games I've played on Mega CD (Sega CD for you Seppos).

    Calling it now: PS4 launch title.

      Only if Microsoft's negotiations for an exclusivity deal for next XBox fall through...

    I can't wait until the documentary behind this game's creation is released and it is revealed that the poor quality + farcical delays were actually a marketing ploy to artificially generate interest in a game to sell it

    how is it even possible for a game to look that bad? i question whether this screenshot is actually from the game. i just can't believe it

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