Work On Valve's Augmented Reality Glasses Continues... Outside Of Valve

Valve was at work on a set of augmented reality glasses when several employees were let go back in the summer. Two of them are continuing to work on the project, with the company's blessings.

The Verge has video of it in action.


    everyone support this on kickstarter, this is something that i would buy and would like to see it happen. They seam to have most of it built all ready but it seams you could use this for longer lengths then the rift which is nice.

    first google now valve. soon we're gonna have some pretty bad days if microsoft makes some. or HP (freezes up all the time. can't wait if apple or dell do one though! but who's gonna do a linux based one?

      If Apple does one then it will be a bit more expensive than the rest but it will be the most reliable version with failed units being replaced at no extra cost. Others may do it first but Apple usually does it right

      Or Nintendo do one and it looks like a giant piece of fruit.

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