Van Helsing Does Diablo. At Least, That's What This Game Looks Like.

NeocoreGames' The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing was recently released on Steam to little fanfare. It looks fairly impressive for a $15 RPG, even though I get Diablo vibes so strong I can practically hear the menu music.

They made a hell of a launch trailer, at least.


    This looks quite fascinating... skill trees (ACTUAL skill trees), smooth animation, intriguing fun gameplay... could this be closer to Diablo than Diablo 3 was???

    Keeping an eye on it, probably get it in a sale, tight ass gamer here.

    I was actually going to play Diablo 3 this weekend to see how it's changed since I quit, then this comes along, expectation is low, price is low...can't do any worse in my books.

      it didnt.... now instead of tones of yellow you get bunch of crappy legionaries
      thats the main difference

      this game looks fantastic atleast for few evenings thx

    Path of Exile still probably wins.

    I really want to play it but I am burnt out on ARPG's after finishing D3, Torchlight and Torchlight 2. One day!

    I bought it. It's really fun, high production values for such a cheap game and a great setting. Better than D3 already.

    really like this game... its very pretty... plays well... and its cheap!

    got it for under $13 and don't regret it for a minute... its coming to consoles (xbox 360 at least) later in the year for those that want that experience... no controller support on pc yet but its coming

    played over the weekend ... great value for 13$

    its not gone be block buster but a very nicely done game

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