Video Game PR Issues Beautiful 'No Comment' In Haiku

The Yakuza games are some of the very best on the PS3, so Sega's silence on a possible localisation of Yakuza 5 is killing me. The publisher has since broken that silence, however, responding to a Yakuza fansite. In haiku. Like every single Japan-related PR communication should be.

The poem, sent to Yakuza Fan, reads:

I cannot comment. Stay tuned to the Sega site. Good information.

E3 is close. Let's keep our fingers crossed for E3, OK?

Yakuza Haiku [Yakuza Fan]


    Well if they are claiming good news then hurray. Been waiting too long for this.

    Do it Sega! You know you want to

    The last few times I've been to HK I've held both Y5 and the HD remakes in my hands - always tempted to buy them - until I remind myself to look at the back cover and read the big that says: Language - Japanese, Subtitle - Japanese... :(

    Could this now be a Wii U game??????

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