Video Game Rumours So Bad You Want Them To Be True

“Infinity Ward are combining Zelda with Professor Layton. The twist? It's going to feature Bayonetta as an unlockable character.” “Sega are combining Forza with Minesweeper. The twist? It's being written by JJ Abrams.” Ok, I’d play those. And you? You’d want such things to exist, wouldn’t you? If only to see how bad they might be? Yeah, you would.

It’s pretty much always true that the craziest rumours are the most tantalising. And that’s why it’s so great that reason that a bunch of people — namely Sean Bell of Midnight Resistance, Matthew Castle and Chris Spann — teamed up to make the Game Rumour Generator. Game Rumour Generator trawls the collective subconscious of the game enthusiast hivemind and seems to pull out the most awesome and/or nightmare-inducing scenarios. Like this one: “Infinity Ward are combining Starfox with Journey. The twist? It's only available after 4am in France.” The very basis for the tool taps into the impulse that drives modders to do their own legally impossible crossovers.

Go get some totally baseless rumours of your own at Midnight Resistance and share them below. And, everyone, we know that the next step is to have a game jam around these fake enterprises, right? Someone make that happen.

GAME RUMOUR GENERATOR [Midnight Resistance]

Picture: GTA 4 Mario Theft Auto/YouTube


    this one just came up...... LOL

    Infinity Ward are combining Big Mutha Truckers with Street Fighter. The twist? It's worthy of a news post on Kotaku

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