Voltron Stars Made (More) Real

Maybe because it had a relatively strong lead female character, maybe because it had some hunky dudes, maybe because everyone just likes lions, I'm not sure. But when I was growing up Voltron was one of the few series the girls in my class liked almost as much as the boys.

We're all being catered for today as grown-ups then, as the cast has been reimagined by artist Josh Burns as some very realistic dreamboats.

Well, most of the cast. There's only so much you can do with Pidge.

You can see the complete cast at the link below.

Voltron [Josh Burns, via Laughing Squid]


    Voltron is amazing!
    Voltron needs a come back, but i think they already tried that once and it sucked
    Viva la Original! (artwork gets my tick of approval too)

    That painting of Allura looks like an actress or model I have seen in real life, though I can't think of the name.

    Anyone else get that?

    Amazing artwork, also +1 for Voltron.

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