Wait, The Xbox One Was Announced? Bing Seems To Have Missed The Memo...

I saw the above image on video game forum Neogaf — it's pretty self explanatory. Do a Google image search for Xbox One and, predictably, you get lots of images for the new Xbox console, revealed yesterday. Do an image search on Bing — Microsoft's own search engine — and a vast, vast majority of the images are actually of the old Xbox.

When I saw it my first thought was 'this must be bogus'. So I did some searching of my own and found that it wasn't that far off the mark.

Click here for the Bing image search for Xbox One.

And click here for the image search on Google.

I guess Bing must have missed the memo! There are hardly any results on the Google 'Xbox One' search for the original Xbox, but there countless results on Bing. Incredible.

And just in case the results change over the next couple of hours, here's my current Bing search — loaded with images of the original Xbox.

And here is my Google search, full of Xbox One results.


    Yup, one of the MANY reasons as to why I don't use Bing.

    Doesn't this show just how little M$ actually cares about Bing? They must have conceded defeat by now, surely.

      They care quite a bit about Bing, considering how they're shoe-horning it into the Xbox dashboard, and how much money they're spending on product placement. And speaking of product placement, no-one actually says "Bing it" in real life, no matter how much cash you throw at the the actors on Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Grey's or Hawaii Five-O.

      Last edited 23/05/13 9:08 pm

        Have not seen a single episode of any of those shows.... thank god.

    and the Xbone will be using Bing...

      Not having a go at you, rather microsoft, but who the fuck uses a search engine on a console? I understand that they want to lock up the home media centre thing, but they are fucking dreaming if they think people will bother with that. "Oops, I'm stuck in a part of this game, better navigate through 9 menu panes to bring up Bing! And now I get to enter my search text using a fucking controller! Hooray!"

    Shows images from the reveal for me.

    Bing: The only business decision worse than Vista

    I'm informed by some who should know that the Bing searches are actually manually modified by humans, so I'd expect this to get cleared up in short order.

    Yet another quality MS product in action!
    GJ bing

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