Want To Know If Your Suburb Is Part Of The NBN?

The rollout plan for the NBN has been updated and thousands of new suburb locations have been added. These are the suburbs that will hopefully be part of a rollout that will conclude by June 2016, should all go to plan.

You can find a whole list of these new locations in the press release here, but that's a bit unwieldy and — frankly — a little bit rubbish. Our very own Angus Kidman over at Lifehacker had a better idea.

Angus put all the locations onto a Google map, making it relatively easy to place precisely where the rollouts will take place. It's super easy to use. Just chuck your suburb into the search bar and you should be able to find out whether or not your suburb is one of the 3000 that has been added to the plan.

Which Places Will Now Get The NBN By 2016? [Lifehacker]


    Oh wow, almost every suburb AROUND me is getting it by 2016. I guess that's what I get for being in a Liberal controlled suburb

      Same here. It's kind of ridiculous they can completely surround a suburb with it but just leave this black spot in the middle. Doesn't seem like an effective method to do it so patchily.

      Edit: Deleted, because maybe I misread your comment. Are you saying that your suburb is liberal and therefore not getting it?

      Last edited 06/05/13 11:11 am

      Actually you being in a Liberal controlled suburb SHOULD in theory give you an advantage. It makes sense politically for them to roll out in Liberal seats first in order to gain votes.

      It's the people that live in safe Labor seats that are probably the ones that will need to wait the longest for this, because there's not as much potential political gain for them.

      My suburb is the exact same. Yet we ARE Controlled by Labor.

      @mase you don't know much about politics, do you?

      You're less likely to get it by 2016 under a Labor government than you would under a Coalition. The idea is awesome, but the execution is inept. ALP is inept. Taxpayers don't even know how much it costs.

      "BUT WE NEED IT!!!!!"*rolls around on fall crying*

      Labor issuing the NbN for political gain. Open your eyes.

    My area has been under construction since the end of last year but they haven't gotten to my street yet.

    Next election in a few months. This might end up being meaningless :\

      True. In a few months Australia will be going back to dial up connections if Abbott and his mates get their way. Fast connections for the rich only!

        Might be, might be.

        But what I meant was that building only fibre-to-the-node is definitely going to cut down drastically on the amount of work needed, and will diddle with all the construction timetables :P

          Yes it'll cut down the amount of work needed, but it comes at the cost of speed and preparing for the future of the digital age.

            No argument here, man.

              But it makes the maintenance cost sky-rocket over the FTTP plan. Check previous lifehacker and kotaku articles for the links to sources. If you factor in the maintenance cost its only slightly saving the public money to deliver 2.5% of the speed.

                Like I said, no argument. Couldn't agree more.

                Last edited 06/05/13 3:12 pm

          And according to an article in Gizmodo not long ago, the cost of there plan will actually be very close (not the $6b-$7b first stated) to the NBN cost anyway so it would be pointless even for the short term.

        My suburb's pretty rich but it's not on the list for 2016 commencement. I might have the NBN in 8 years or so under Labor...

    I think my suburb has been on the list for completion in 2016, so in reality I'm expecting it in around 2021.

      Same, I have zero faith in politicians promises. I'm still waiting for the train line to my suburb and that was gonna be finished 5 years after I moved in.... That was 12 years ago now.

    Oh cool, didn't see the map one.

    Dammit, now I get to see that it's not just the next suburb over that gets it, but a bunch of surrounding ones too!

    I've had mine working for a few weeks now. Armidale FTW!

    Unwieldly? Not really.

    1: Hit Ctrl F
    2: Type in suburb name.
    3: Maybe cycle through suburb names if there are similar sounding ones.
    4: Bam. You're either there or you're not.

    Last edited 06/05/13 10:02 am

      Or if you happen to know the alphabet, it took me all of 15 seconds to skim through the suburbs to find mine....

        That's a lot of faith to put into some people's hands... :p

          yeah, common sense is one of those dwindling old world relics now hey?

    Suburb not on the list... :(

    Lucky for me I'm in a new apartment building so I'm already connected. :)

    Due for completion sometime this year in my area. Awwww yeah.

    I found this even better: http://www.nbnco.com.au/when-do-i-get-it/rollout-map.html

    I had a feeling living around the Port Adelaide area would screw me over some day.

    "The NBN is coming to your place; however construction hasn't commenced in your area as yet."

    Yay, my suburb is on the list. (safe Liberal seat, if anyone's counting)

    Hopefully this schedule won't be affected by the Liberal plan if they take it over.

    NBN map says we won't get it until June 2017 here in Noosa... Given how behind schedule the rollout is, we'd be lucky to get it by 2020 here. Wireless is looking prrrrrrretty good right now...

    I managed to move to a house where someone 2 doors down can get nbn now, and my area isn't even on the future development list. Same suburb, same street. I do believe I cried when I found out.

    I stated this on Gizmodo yesterday and I'll say it again here

    Not on the list, stuck with Bigpond 'Mobile' Wireless (12gb/mth @ $90) for a while.

    I don't know that this is their fault but ever since they started construction on the NBN, my internet has been absolutely terrible. I can't even stream a 144p video from youtube in less than 20 minutes. Amazingly we're not getting the NBN whilst all our neighbouring suburbs are. I'm just glad I'm moving away in a month to somewhere else that doesn't have NBN

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