Want To Take Classes From Professor Warren Spector?

Want to take classes from Professor Warren Spector? The University of Texas has created the Denius-Sams Gaming Academy. Spector will guide its curriculum and Paul Sams, Blizzard’s chief operating officer, is also an instructor. Admitted students pay no tuition and get a $US10,000 stipend.


  • Does it teach you how to whine about violent games that are inexplicably more popular than the ones you make yourself?

    • Thank god, its not just me then that thinks Warren Spector needs to just shut his mouth for 5 seconds at the moment… I do respect the guy… and even agree with some of the stuff he’s saying… but seriously take a breather.

      I guess with having his studio shut down he has a bit of free time at the moment.

      • Yeah, I have a lot of respect for what he’s done, and I really like the idea behind Epic Mickey, even if it fell short of what it aimed for…

        …but he’s really coming across as a cranky old man these days.

      • Yeah, that last hissy fit was really a turn-off. I loved many of the games he’s worked on. Ultima Underworlds, Privateer, Crusader, System Shock, Thief, Deus ex, but the guy hasn’t done anything I’d wanna play in almost the last ten years since Deadly Shadows. Epic Mickey 1 & 2?

        I’m really starting to tune out every time people start pontificating about removing violence, about making games more politically correct, or about embracing mobile and tablet (ie: microtransaction) markets and sucking the collective dicks of indies churning out a 16-bit cascade of endless runners, 2D platformers, physics puzzles and roguelikes.

        Right. Whatever. I’ll be over here snickering at crass one liners and blowing up cyber-men in Blood Dragon while I wait for the chance to explore Remember Me’s potentially dystopian future and deliver unto its peoples the word of pain, according to the gospel of fists and feet.
        Mutter grumble.

    • Bahahaha. Justin Bieber called, he wants to thank you for perpetuating the idea that popularity equals quality.

      Seriously though, Warren Spector does great work, and this initiative sounds very cool.

      • Yeah, everyone knows that popularity is directly inversely proportional to qualit– waaaaaaaaitaminute, that sounds like hipster talk!

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