Watch A Dishonored Designer Explain His Job To His Proud Mum

We hope your mother has enjoyed her Mother’s Day so far, and if you’re a mother, that you have as well. In the spirit of the day, Bethesda offers this video of one of Dishonored‘s developers explaining to his mum what he does for a living.

No, no, this isn’t uncomfortable like, say, a porno actor explaining his job to his mother. Joanne Davis knows her son Seth Shain, a producer/designer at Arkane Studios, makes video games. But she really has no idea what he’s doing when he’s spending all that time in his office because he’s too busy to talk to her. She lays a Class A mum Guilt Trip on him for being so incommunicative when she calls him at work (she may only call him twice in a day if “someone has died.”)

Seth’s brother refuses to let their mother play Dishonored, though. Not because of any objectionable content, though: “He does not think I would be able.” Seth offers to put the game on easy mode and, well, mum suggests that’s patronizing of him.

Don’t worry, Seth, this kind of conversation happens to me, too. mum asks me what I do for a living and I just tell her I’m a porno actor. Mothers tend not to pry into your work life after that.

Watch a Dishonored Dev Explain to His mum What He Does for a Living [DualShockers]


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