Watch Dogs' Development Team Talks PlayStation 4

This is an interesting video. Interesting because I can almost hear the cogs turning in the heads of the development team as they discuss the differences between the PS4 and PS3 version of Watch Dogs. There's a really cool tension between making sure everyone knows that the PS4 version will look great and making sure that no-one thinks they're buying the stripped back version on current gen consoles.

But the video is also interesting because it provides insight into the design philosophy behind Watch Dogs, one aspect of which I find quite promising. Watch Dogs' environment will be big, but the city in which it is set will also be deep.

One if the reasons I preferred Grand Theft Auto IV to its PS2 predecessors was the depth of the city. I always felt like previous GTA games felt a little dead on the inside, but GTA IV felt vibrant at all levels. It looks like Ubisoft is looking to add depth to the world in which it is set and that plays directly to my open world tastes.


    I thought i hated open world sandbox games, but sleeping dogs was amazing.

      Yea, it was almost as good as gta, or read dead redemption....

      Yeah, agreed! Well, Red Dead Redemption was also good.

        Although I think I enjoyed Red Dead more for its story and scripted moments than randomly stopping what I was doing to skin animals or lassoo criminals.

        Dat moment when you unlock Mexico and 'Far Away' starts playing...

          I gotta say that bit did not move me in the slightest. perhaps because so many had hyped it up it lost its impact for me

          I do however love the random stuff that happens when youre travelling. Half the time I can't tell who is the bad guy and I end up letting the robber go free!

      Open World Sandbox games are generally amazing, you are missing out... I'm shocked that someone hates GTA and Red Dead.

    They kept saying 'him'... sexist bastards, Boycott Ubisoft!

    Last edited 07/05/13 4:35 pm

    I wonder if this game will be like the first Assassin's Creed (FTR I had heaps of fun with the first AC but it was a game that lacked variety)

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