Watch How The Xbox One's Controllers Are Built

The opening 45 seconds of CNN's Xbox One video goes through the Kinect motions, showing us the same footage we've seen in multiple other preview vids. But afterwards? It provides a really cool insight into how the new controllers are being built, and the different kind of testing they have to undergo.

I love this kind of stuff. I've never once had a second thought about how controllers are built and tested, now I feel like it's a truly compelling story. I want more! I want to know more!

I particularly loved the idea that Microsoft has been attempting to eliminate the issue of inadvertent button presses. Just little details like that.

I really want to go into one of these labs and do some interviews!


    But is there any word on them building play & charge kits for the new controllers?

      Of course, that's a big fat cash cow just waiting to be milked.

    I thought XBone controllers are made in sweatshops in China.

      Sure... but they're prototyped and tested at Redmond.

    So the 3 blue lights on Kinect.

      Don't worry, they'll change to red once skynet takes over (or when it develops a consciousness).

    Woah the quiet room is really quiet from 2.20 it even silent out that guy talking LOLOL

    The original Xbox 360 had a video of how it's design team built the 'wonder'. Yet it was one of the most unreliable mass produced product of the modern era. Whilst my PS3, bought in 2007 is still going fine (as is a Nintendo Wii), the Xbox 360 was replaced no less than five times. Will this be any better? Only time will tell.

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