Watch The New Trailer For Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

As we know, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger wants to return Techland's first-person shooter series to its roots. This trailer shows just that.

We get to see Silas Greaves, the bounty hunter serving as this chapter's protagonist, shoot his way through the Wild West. Cue guitar ballad. Gunslinger is coming out on May 21.


    Preordered it on pc looks promising

      its still not up for preoder on steam yet from what i can tell, though i gotta say i find it funny that the PC version is the only one that will also see a boxed copy

    Dear God who wrote the music? Made me want to poke a phillipshead through my ear drums...sounds like the kind of drivel a "hip" preacher plays at Bible camp...

    I really should get around to playing the last Call of Juarez game I bought

    It's nice to see this series going back to its Wild Western roots.

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