There Is A Man Dressed As Sonic In Dark Souls And He Is Terrifying

He haunts the Dark Souls universe like a ragged clown at a birthday party, or a drunk, stubbly Santa at Westfield. He is Sonic. He is the 'gotta go fast' Sonic. A bastardised, terrifying Sonic who will lure innocent combatants into a futile chase, before leading them into a bottomless chasm to die painful, brutal deaths.

The above video was made with the help of the 'Relatively Quick' texture pack, a mod that, in the creator's own words is designed to make your character look like some sort of "horrifying Sonic cosplay".

I love everything about it. I love the music. I love the idea of a scary, booze fueled, adult Sonic the Hedgehog existing in the po-faced Dark Souls universe and taking out opponents with speeeeeeeeeed.


    The ms paint drawn picture of sonics face at the end is priceless!

    Never has the term ".... tha fuck?" felt so appropriate.

    Where do you get the claws he was using, are they mods too?

    Claws aren't mods you buy them from Shiva of the East (i think thats his name) after you join the Forest guild.

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