We're Live Blogging The Xbox Reveal At 3am!


If you want to join us for maximum caffeinated drinks, sleep deprivation, and hype trains. Please drop by at 3am where we'll be live blogging the new Xbox reveal.

Choo choo!

Say what you like, and I've done my fair share of naysaying, but this is new hardware and I can't help but get a little excited about what's next from Microsoft.

And dear lord there will be gifs. Of that I am certain.

So tune in at 3am. We'll chuck the post up at 2.45am to get things kicking. See you there...



    If i wasn't already working nine hour days i might be there. Never owned an xbox though.

    I only woke up an hour ago, guess I have no excuse.

    Hurray for gifs!!

    Tell me how it goes tomorrow though, 3am is just about the worst possible time for a week night. At least with Sony's reveal we had a time that was picked to suit Japan and as a result us.

    If I am awake (probably will be because I consumed a Monster around 5:30pm) I shall join you Serrels! Probably on the Twitters though.

    Good luck to you Serrels! Ill be enjoying my sleep and reading recaps in the morning

    Just got back from a 13 hour day at TAFE, but I can't help but to be excited enough to stay up for the reveal. Not going to be a happy chappy tomorrow.

    Is this 3am QLD time or 2am here..?

    I think i might come here at 3am, that or IGN or gamespot

    Isn't there like a live video of the thing like apple and nvidia dose for there products ???????

    Who cares about launch, 5 hours later still same overblown hypercrap.

    I'll be fast asleep.

    Do I waste valuable net credit streaming? Nah, I'll hang around here and silently haunt Mark. Better get a coffee going.

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