What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Dear god I am trundling through video games these days. I'm almost finished with Luigi's Mansion 2. Almost. Most likely I'll be playing that over the weekend.

And the really beautiful thing is, I don't want it to be over. I haven't had that feeling in a long time. So often I'm desperate for a game to finish in order to commit to the next game. Luigi's Mansion 2 is so good, and there's so little else out there at the moment, that I wish there was more. What a great little surprise of a game it is.

But it's sort of revived my interest in the 3DS, to the extent that I think I'll check out Fire Emblem. That game isn't normally my thing, but what the hell. I need to do something on my train journey, and that sweet time is becoming premium gaming minutes for me. Ah parenthood...

What are you guys playing this weekend?


    Game jaaaaaaaaaam!

    I hope I can feel smart again.

    This weekend I'm thinking I'll be playing a little bit of Deadlight or Minecraft on the xbox just to grab the remaining achievements and if I'm lucky I will remember to do some art type stuff ... but that'll end with me getting drunk and playing lollipop chainsaw

    LM2 is so great. I'm going through the "bonus" level in each section of the game now.

      Oh right, as for the weekend, a few people here are starting to get into GW2 again so I will probably play a bit if that.

    I think I've decided to finally give Eve Online a try. Any suggestions on what I should or shouldn't do as a total n00b?

      I tried to get into it about 6 months ago. gave it 2 days and gave up. I wanted to play but there were just so many interfaces. moving from point a to b is "click on this, right click on that, set point, pet speed, click on this" then you move. Then again i may be doing it wrong. i wish you luck

    Fire Emblem for me, similar feelings - don't want it to end.

    Tales of graces f. Think I am heading towards the tail end of the game. Run out of titles to level up so headed back to the story. Such a great game, maybe my favorite tales, even better than symphonia.

    Bioshock Infinite. Finished Blood Dragon last night.

    Maybe jump into Witcher 2 and try to get back into it... maybe...

    Bioshock Infinite.

    I also just bought Battlefield 3 (PS3) from Dick Smith for just $20. Any advice for a complete Battlefield 3 noob?

      I found Engineer with a shotgun to be the easiest class to level up

      battlefield vet here. the recon class is the hardest at first to level up due to its low damage auto sniper rifle. Sticking to a piston until you get enough points for a higher powered rifle will help. Also stick to hardcore servers too. Easier to get killed but also easier to kill them.

      Point whoring at the start is best with medics (reviving and healing) then support (ammo) then engineers (repair, anti tank).

        Thanks for the help guys! I totally forgot that BF has a class system!


      unlock the shock pads and watch those points fly.


    This weekend I shall be killing bollymongs and I have nxt week off work so lots of bollymongs are gonna cop it !

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    Probably not much. Working Saturday and will probably just sleep Sunday away. A shame. I want to play games.

    Grinding away at the Space Marine platinum.

    Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, with a side helping of Sine Mora on my Vita.

    Mostly Injustice I think. See if I can learn me some nice combos.

    After failing to accomplish my modest goal of getting in some time on CiV or Minecraft last weekend, by playing no games whatsoever (even Binding of Isaac), I am going to reassert my goals. I am certain I will play some CiV, and spend some time on the Potaku Minecraft server before it gets shut down due to lack of interest.

    Of course if the server is doomed I am doubly wasting my time, but I feel like I should explore some of the contributions the other players made to the world that I never got around to visiting.

    I tried to find Beavwa's castle and it's apparently hugely impressive wall that apparently lies somewhere in the west, but I was underprepared for the journey.

    I've been completely renraptured by the Candy Box! game (I HAVEN'T TURNED OFF MY PC IN A WEEK) and Prime World: Defenders. (And clearing through the archives of Zero Punctuation. I didn't realize Yahtzee co-owns the Mana Bar. Stalkertime!)

    Might start playing Spec Ops: The Line. Also some Witcher 2 and Zombiu.

      Spec Ops if def worth a play through.

      Not a perfect game but still fun enough to play through to the finish. Interesting story.

      Witcher 2 is something ive thouht about getting.

    I'm one of the few people who haven't played Telltale's The Walking Dead. Grabbed the 360 version of it yesterday. Should take up some of my weekend. Maybe with same Hitman: Absolution thrown in for good measure.

    I really need to put XCOM on a high shelf for awhile

    No No Kuni. So close to the end... I can just about see it... I think.

    I'll be playing Tomb Raider and Fire Emblem Awakening

    I'll be playing some co-op Ragnarok Odyssey with friends, and "playing" through Heavy Rain as well as Fire Emblem. I really should finish SC2: HotS at some point too...

    Planetside 2 for me. started 3 days ago and clocked 19 hours on it (i work full time).

    im not getting any sleep this weekend.

    I bought Brink yesterday (only $5) so will give that a try, also moar Blood Dragon and Hitman - I'm up to the Nuns in the cornfield, this game gets more fun each level!

      I'm up to the nuns at the hotel, and it's been a blast so far. Can't wait to go through and find some of the more creative kills.

      Brink was a great idea, with poor execution, the servers died real fast due to LAG and massive amounts of hackers, man did i love that game tho....

      But i'll be hitting Ragnarok online 2 pretty hard, very cool new take on the original RO, nice new systems mixed with the classics, and a new look.

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    Don't know how much gaming I'll get done this weekend after surgery today but hopefully, if I'm feeling up to it, I might finally finish Persona 4 Golden

      P4G is sooooooo good.
      So good.

      My GotY (so far)

        Agreed its up there as mine too, as Serrals puts it "And the really beautiful thing is, I don’t want it to be over." This is how I feel every time I play P4G

          Really? I couldn't stop & there's new game plus!

          I had to force myself to take a break after completing so I could play everything else I've bought :D

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