What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I must sound like a broken record by this point but, yes. I will be playing Luigi's Mansion 2. Again. I'm almost done, I promise! What are you playing this weekend?

I'm also toying with the idea of taking another run through Metal Gear Solid 3, the HD reissue version. I know, crazy right. I have a friend playing through it for the first time and his experiences make me want to re-experience those experiences. If that makes any sense.

For the longest time I've felt as though I always have to be playing the latest thing, but more and more I've found myself just playing what I want to play. Bugger it. This is supposed to be fun.

So yeah, Luigi's Mansion 2 baby. What are you guys and girls planning on playing?


    I'm one trophy of getting platinum in MGS3, but i'm two trophies off getting plat for Splinter Cell : Pandora Tomorrow, so probably finish that off.

    Stealth Games!!

    CiV and/or XCOM and/or Minecraft. After a week full of distractions (mainly incessant phone calls from her aunt who never has anything to say anyway) my wife wants to be left alone to finish reading book 3 of Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire (I don't know what it's called because I'm not up to it yet, A Storm of Swords, maybe?), so I'll probably just pop some headphones on and listen to old Rooster Teeth podcasts while playing something that isn't too involving.

      Breaking news: turns out I am playing putt-putt with my wife, her dad and her brother tomorrow.

        The windmill is a trap. Always putt AROUND the windmill, don't get conned into trying to go through. Going around might take an extra shot, but trying to go through will drag you into a miniature golfing purgatory from which there is no escape.

          My ball went into the windmill once and didn't come back out. I reached in to find it but I touched something that felt like a hefty bag full of meat.

            You're lucky your hand was still attached when you pulled your arm back out again.

    Assassin's Creed III. Borrowed it from my brother and it's OK I guess. Up to sequence 5 or so and there's a whole bunch of lore that I'm obviously meant to care about but just don't (and I have played the 4 previous games). I'll see it through to the bitter end, but it is really starting to test my patience.

    And Luigi's Mansion 2 too. I think that makes us bros or something Mark. I'm going to call us "Luigi Bros"!

      I'm currently giving ACIII a playthrough. There are some things about the gameplay I'm really liking, but the story is sooo grating. I just find them all so annoying. Especially Connor.

      I'm playing through ACIII at the moment as well. It gets better! I'm up to sequence 9 now and I'm having a lot more fun. I actually got the game on release but got bored with it at the start. I've just recently gone back to it and I'm enjoying it a lot more. The start of the game is very ordinary. I know its there to build up characters/story etc but it was just so disappointing not being able to be the guy on the box until about 6hrs into the game. To clarify that, you are Connor earlier than that, but its not until about 5-6hrs in that you actually get to be a proper Assassin.

    I haven't touched Luigi's in weeks :/ Still only on the third mansion.

    I was going to do Blood Dragon but now I'm too busy being an angry old man to be able to do that.

      Nothing like some retro 80's badassery to turn that old man frown upside down.

        So.... Contra? Er, I mean Probotector?

        Last edited 17/05/13 11:36 am

          OMG you just reminded me of how sad I was when I found all my old GameBoy cartriges, and the only one missing was Probotector.

            So sorry to hear that, dude.

            Both that it happened, and that I reminded you of it.

    With borderlands 2 on sale I might join that party
    Probably a bit more tropico and maybe some planetside 2 for my online shooter urges
    Although I think I got into the steam trading card beta as well so that might take up my weekend in card hunting

    Sly Cooper : Thieves In Time & Velocity Ultra

    Both on the Vita, both are glorious!

    I started Sleeping Dogs during the week. Got maybe 2hrs in. I like the aesthetic, but the gameplay is kind of boring. Is there a point where the game will grab me in, or would I have a good gauge of what the game has to offer already?

      It gets better, but if you don't like it already you may not end up liking it at all. I loved the game play and the setting. So good to play an open world game not set somewhere in the US! And, so cool to be driving on the LEFT hand side of the road! I liked the story and focus on hand to hand combat. There are some truly brutal melee attacks/interactions later on. I ended up get the Platinum trophy for it - I loved it that much.

    I'll probably be playing Prototype 2 provided I don't break a controller in frustration at some of the challenges and then maybe some lollipop chainsaw. One things for certain, there will be drinking and failing horribly.

    I bought Psychonauts for the first time ever this week... I'll probably play that and then maybe some okami.

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Wii U
    Metro 2033 - PS3
    Whilst listening to the new Daft Punk Album. Drunk.
    Happy Friday! :-)

    I'm about 60 hours into Persona 4: Golden so pretty focused on wrapping that up now. What an amazing game, justifies having bought a Vita in itself. Maybe already up there with my favorite games of all time.

    If I finish that, probably will start Fire Emblem.

    I FINALLY finished Ni No Kuni last weekend! AT LAST!

    So this weekend I am playing... Ni No Kuni. Goddamn postgame sidequests :(

    I'll be playing whichever game allows my saves to work after I re-installed windows on a new hard-drive.

    Just got platinum on Warhammer 40K: Space Marine this morning (what a grind!)

    So it's Thrones, yeah, Game of Thrones, yeah, Game of Thrones. I knew going into it that it would be pretty badly designed (Cyanide + Focus) but at least the writing (if not the dialogue) is OK for now.

    And a bit of Trails in the Sky on the side.

    BL2 with friends, most likely levelling up as Krieg/s. Also Fire Emblem: Awakening, Persona 4 Arena and probably some Ragnarok Odyssey.

    Metro Last Light, Grim Dawn and Among the Sleep

    I found Fallout 3 and the expansions cheap, so I'll be talking a tour through that. Working through some challenges on Hitman as well. Trying to keep my suit and infiltrate every level on hard. Very challenging.
    Finished The Walking Dead last week, so I'm sure to spend some of the weekend insisting to friends that they MUST play the game and strapping them in Clockwork Orange-like setups to facilitate that.

    Muck Around with Prison Architect and continue my obsession with FTL.

    Still need to finish Tomb Raider, about half way through.

    Also trying to get a rover to Mun in Kerbal Space Program.

    Finishing my second playthrough/trophy hunt for Persona 4 Golden on my PS Vita (I would highly recommend this game to anybody), then hopefully getting some well deserved quality time with Ni No Kuni, thank God for PSN sales.

    I impluse bought Skyward Sword, I love a good Zelda game and have heard great things about it but never got around to playing it. It's a shame I don't own a Wii. BUT! I have a friend who is going to loan me a Wii so CRISIS OVER!

    Metro Last Light, Dishonored and HotS all on PC.

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