What Are You Playing This Weekend

Can I just talk about Luigi's Mansion 2 again? No wait, I already did that. A million times. Actually, this weekend I'll mostly be playing Super Metroid and a cool new iOS puzzle game called Stickets. What are you all planning to play this weekend?

Stickets is really simple, but also really, really hard. It disguises itself as a standard Bejewelled-style puzzler but actually features a truly original, sophisticated rule set that forces you to essentially unlearn everything you thought you knew about puzzle games of this ilk. I thoroughly recommend it. Do a quick search for it on the iOS store. I've been playing it for the last day or so — my record is 79. Which is a bit pathetic!

I might also get round to playing Fire Emblem, or maybe giving Donkey Kong Country Returns a second go on the 3DS. I loved that game so much on the Wii, I think it deserves a second playing through.


    The new Queens of the Stone Age album at full volume.... Plus probably try and start programming a proper version of my Ludum Dare 27 game.

      Been loving this album for the last week, instant classic

      Also enjoy this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nb6Ol7usq5g

      You're Welcome! ;)

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    Imma talk about Luigi's Mansion 2 again. Cos I've nearly finished. It's really good. The last mansion is particularly puzzle-tastic. And Assassin's Creed III. Because I'm nowhere near finished but I'm determined to slog through it if I get any time. And DKCR arrived for 3DS this week. I've played it a little bit now, and look forward to finishing LM2 to be able to put more time into it!

    Also maybe Super Metroid. Because I should probably finish it one of these days.

      Yeah I thought I might try get through the rest of AC III this weekend. But the characters are so unlikeable. I like the combat though. But I came for the characters! And was thouroughly dissapointed.

      That's if I can find a way out of 2009. I just discovered Angry Birds...

    Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, awesome button to roll controls!

    Rayman Origins (Vita) cos I got it for $19!!

    I'll be playing Night of the Rabbit. Honestly, this is my game of the year right now. It's gotten no press either, but it's one of the finest point and click adventure games in years!


      Looks interesting.....

      and wow, 5.2GB download, must be pretty hefty in length too!

        I think it's got multiple languages included, so that might increase the file size -- but does seem to be a sprawling kind of game too.

    DKCR 3D is great, it definitely deserves a second play through. Although it is my dedicated public transport game so I won't be playing it this weekend.

    This weekend I may play some Legend of Zelda Oracles of Ages, which was just released on the eshop for the 3DS

    All the board games!

    Tomorrow afternoon, people shall becoming over to roll dice, build trains and accuse each other of subterfuge.


      No one will play ticket to ride with *me* :-(

    Far cry 3 on pc amazing way better then the console version and some cod

    Ace Attorney HD, The Last of Us demo is out today/tomorrow as well right? so that also, maybe more DKR3D.

    Museum of the Microstar, Rift Racers, Zombies on the Holodeck and maybe even Dear Esther!

    After putting it off for a year and half, I'm finally getting into Dark Souls. I reached that moment where the game "clicked" with me and now I'm addicted.

    Really wish I played it when I got it for more then 3 hours.

    Surprisingly, Dark Souls, despite the overall theme of the game, has one of the best communities I have ever seen in a videogame. Wish I could write an article about it on Kotaku or some other website.

      It's such a great moment when it all clicks. One of the best games ever.

      I bought Dark Souls on Thursday (it's $10/600pts on Xbox games on demand this week) and so far I like it better than Skyrim. I especially like how you have to figure out things for yourself. It was half an hour before I worked out you could lock onto things!

        Always put down a white sign when you get into a new area. There's nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

    I'm thinking going retro and return to Turok on the 64.

    DayZ - Sahrani on Rape Dungeon. You should all be playing as well.

    F.E.AR. 2 and F.3.A.R for me

    BTW, that 'Wade Elementary' badly lit hallway section in FEAR 2, so much awesome.

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      The ending of F.E.A.R. 2 is some crazy stuff. F.3.A.R isn't as good but does a decent job of continuing the story and has it's own interesting ideas.

      It's a really underrated franchise.

        Fear 2 and 3 aren't bad, but I still think Fear 1 trumps them both.

        I only started getting into the FEAR series. But why was Fear 3 received badly by its fans? Did it lack that dark atmosphere like in the first two games? It does seem very 'actiony'.

    I'll be catching up with friends during shirtless o'clock which is another way of saying "In Borderlands 2 while playing Krieg". Outside of that, Ragnarok Odyssey, Persona 4 Arena and Code of Princess.

    i might finish ME3 (dont judge me), then finish far cry 3 (dont judge me) then perhaps finish Skyrim Dawnguard (dont judge me!)

    Super Metroid, all the way.

    Also has anyone looked at the Super Metroid box art and wondered 'what the hell is going on?'

    I mean, it looks like Kraid in the background just hanging out, and Samus is being a total boss by shooting Ridley in the neck without even looking at him. Also it seems odd how the logo is put on a 45 degree angle and jammed in to the corner like that.

      Looking at the Japanese Super Metroid box art, you can see what they were trying to do.

      They tried to jam that art into a landscape view, and traced some of the elements to make them more colorful to make it more kid-friendly, but the execution feels lazy and rushed. They should have just taken the time and effort to have a new illustration made for the EU/US Snes box layout.

      Okay I'll stop being a design nerd now :P


    NG+ must fall. Only two achievements to go \o/

      I was trying to explain trophies/achievements to a non-gaming person, and it made me feel really silly when I was trying to explain why they make you want to get them, even though most of the time it's no fun, but then all the unlocked ones taunt you...and remind you of your inadequacies and maybe that I have deeper issues.

    Luigis Mansion 2 and Oracle of Ages/Seasons.

    My wife and I have plans to exploit chrome extensions and a free month of Netflix to marathon Arrested Development season 4 over the weekend, but other than that I will try to get to Hotline Miami and Awesomenauts which I scored in the most recent Humble Bundle.

    Got into van helsing during the week so I'll finish that off. Not a bad game at all, very impressed.

      Yeah very surprised at how good the game actually is. Usually games based off of characters from books/movies/etc don't turn out that great but man I'm blown away by Van Helsing. The puzzles scattered throughout the maps are a nice touch. I haven't jumped onto multiplayer yet however, whats that like?

        Haven't touched multiplayer, I was reading on steam discussion all the issues with it so I stayed single player and so far no game breaking bugs.

    As a very late starter to PS3 ownership I am loving PS+. Demon Souls, Ico and Shadow of Colossus. Catherine I am really looking forward too this weekend. Also Thomas was alone from the Humble Bundle is amazing.

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      Same, PS+ is awesome, so much better than XBox Live.

      Anyway, I got Dead Island: Riptide and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 today, so I'll be playing those. Wanna check out those PS+ games too. I've been hanging to try Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus for such a long time. Looks like I'll be putting off Dark Souls for a while too, now I've got Demon's Souls.

    Mass Effect Super-run!!!

    About three quarters through a 100% run for ME1. So. Fucking. Good. Now see why so many people got upset about the "dumbing down" of the series. It's ace. Bit sick of selling everything or converting it to goo, though.

    Next up will be ME2, which I think will be a bit more of a challenge as I've completed the hell out of EVERYTHING in it,... but then, ME3... with all my decisions and character mumbo-jumbo carried across...


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