What Japanese Gamers Have To Say About The Cheaper PS Vita

The PS Vita is doing much better these days. The game library is still not as robust as I'd like, but I don't get depressed so much when I check the Vita section of my regular game store these days.

Sadly, the handheld powerhouse is still not performing as well as Sony would probably want it to. While it is currently no longer undersells its predecessor, the PSP, on a weekly basis, it still has a long way to go before it manages to sell as many units (The PSP has sold over 19 million units in Japan, whereas the Vita took 11 months after its release to breach the 1 million mark)

The recent Japanese price cut did help to boost recent sales numbers, although now these numbers are currently suffering due to a shortage of units.

Japanese gaming magazine, Weekly Famitsu conducted an online poll for Vita owners on their satisfaction with the hand-held console and the current software lineup. The results were not unexpected: While on average, most users appeared satisfied with the console itself (average score out of 100 was 74.92), roughly 40 per cent of responders said they were either dissatisfied or somewhat dissatisfied on the software side. Here's some of what they had to say:


"It's revolutionary, but does not utilise its full potential. I think things would change if you could use it in business as well." 40 year-old male (score: 45)

"There are too few exclusive games." 44 year-old male (score: 50)

"At present, I give it a 50 out of 100. If there were more games, my score would be higher." 21 year-old male (score- 50)

"It's well made, but everything is too rigid. It's no different from a home console." 27 year-old male (score: 60)

"At last there seem to be a decent library of games." 30 year-old female (score: 70)

"I love being able to play high quality games on a hand-held. I've stopped using my PS3." 22 year-old male (score: 70)

"I use my smartphone, but [the Vita] makes me feel that 'games should be played on game machines.'" 38 year-old male (score: 75)

"In terms of specs, it's probably the best hand-held console out there right now." 42 year-old male (score:80)

"I like the unique controls and the visuals are gorgeous. I want more games for a female audience!" 22 year-old female (score: 80)

"I'll give it 100 when a killer title comes out." 37 year-old male (score: 90)

"You can do everything with one PS Vita." 23 year-old male (score: 90)

"With not only games, but video and music, communication apps, coordination with nasne, it's become an easy-to-use multi-device." 34 year-old male (score:100)


"When the Vita first came out, I expected more games from big titles to small indi games. I wish the lineup would be more robust." 33 year-old male (dissatisfied)

"There's too much DLC and pay-for items. Simply knowing that I'll eventually be able to play them for free on PS Plus kills any enthusiasm I have to buy a game." 36 year-old male (dissatisfied)

"Most of the games I look forward to are also available on the PSP. I don't think the PS Vita is being utilized to its full potential." 36 year-old male (somewhat dissatisfied)

"The UMD Passport was supposed to be the saviour of the PSP software is woefully under-supported. At the very least, games that are available for download on the PS Store should support it." 39 year-old gender unspecified (somewhat dissatisfied

"Every game I've purchased has been of high quality and overall I'm satisfied with the good games. However, something should be done about the sparse number of games." 22 year-old male (neither)

"A lot of game sequels are being put out on the PSP, but once you get used to the high resolution of the PS Vita, it makes you wish they would release those games on the Vita instead." 39 year-old female (neither)

"I think there still aren't many original titles. However, a lot of the games that have been ported or been multi-platform releases are games I would not have gotten if they weren't available on the Vita." 28 year-old male (satisfied)

"I'd say that processing specs aside, simply the increase in visual quality has made the games stand out, but the fact that I can play the same games that are made for home consoles is revolutionary." 44 year-old male (satisfied)

"There aren't that many well-known titles out yet, but what they have are all well-made. Playing the games, I can tell that the developers are putting a real effort into it." 28 year-old male (very satisfied)

"I feel the lack of games has been solved. Games for the Vita rival the quality of home console games and the satisfaction I get from each game is high." 45 year-old male (very satisfied)

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ファミ通.com [ファミ通.com] 13年4月ゲーム販売 : PSVita品不足で売り上げ激減 [MANTANWEB]


    "Greatest handheld of our generation -- Monster Hunter plays beautifully on it. 100/100" - Every gamer in Japan.

    One day... ; _ ;

      THIS. The wave of new titles coming at the end of this year gets me excited, but Monster Hunter would really bring home the bacon for this handheld.

        Yep, and don't Nintendo know it. The de facto exclusivity deal that Ninty has done with Capcom over the new MH stuff is really hurting Vita. If there is no exclusivity, then why does Capcom not simply port MH3G to Vita? If they didn't touch the resolution, it would be cheap as chips to do the port. Other titles such as Lego Lord of the Rings and Zero Escape, have done this. I'm pretty sure that Nintendo has purchased a timed exclusivity that Capcom isn't allowed to talk about.

          It must be a very enticing exclusivity deal to stop Capcom from developing it for the Vita, huh? Kinda frustrating...

            I think at the moment the potential Vita sales of MH are not lucrative enough for Nintendo to have to pay too much to Capcom. It's the perfect moment for Nintendo because Vita is not selling strongly enough to be a major threat, and consequently the publishers are more likely to keep Nintendo happy.

              It's a vicious cycle though, isn't it? Vita sales aren't that fantastic because there aren't enough titles on the system, however developers choose not to develop for the Vita because the install base is too small. Hopefully by the end of the year when these other titles are released we'll see some growth.

              Talking sales potential, it was basically only when MH3U and MH4 were announced for 3DS that the 3DS really picked up in Japan. Up until then it was struggling to gain traction much like the Vita. Also at the time the Vita wasn't released and if you were Capcom looking for a home for your most successful portable game, putting it on the successor to the platform where the bulk of those sales were made would have made a hell of a lot more sense.

              So the only conclusion is that Nintendo must have paid them or offered something that was too good to pass up. I'm thinking co-marketing or reduced or waived publishing fees or something. And I'd also be stunned if it wasn't a timed exclusive.

              I think it might be biting them now that the sales report for the WiiU are coming back to haunt them.

        Seriously, everyone is trying to cash in on the fact that there isn't a monhunt game on vita. -- And it's working.

        Looking forward to this one.

        A real blood and bone Monster Hunter game would blow vita into overdrive.

          Yeah I felt like there has been a few clones announced for the Vita. Not that it's a bad thing, but you're right; a proper Monster Hunter game would be best.

          Last edited 10/05/13 3:10 pm

          I thought you said there was a Manhunt game coming out on vita because I read lazily, and got excited.

          Thanks a lot :(

          Now if only they'd localize some of them! Toukiden and God Eater 2 especially.

            I played the hell out of God Eater Burst, great game. Would love the 2nd to come out.

    Once the PS4 comes out you will probably see a spike insales, due to it working like the WiiU gamepad.

      The only problem I see is that it is not comfortable to use for extended periods. Buying the grip attachment somewhat mitigates this, but I find that with my large Australian hands, I simply can't use the Vita comfortably for anything over an hour or so, unless I grip it in my fingers as opposed to resting it in my palms, although using fingers makes it less stable for action games.

        I wouldn't mind a redesign, like Nintendo did with the XL but not a larger screen.

        Ergonomic design, Analogue triggers maybe......

        For me the biggest issues are the lack of a decent dead zone in the analog sticks because they're so small, and the fact it's hard to hold the thing without putting fingers on the back touch pad, which is problematic because every developer seems to have mapped stupid functions to that. There's not enough of a texture change to give you feedback when you're on the pad instead of the back of the device.

    Price has dropped here too, can get it for $298 at retail now, and that's bundled with a game. All be it that's with COD but still trade the
    game in for another and all good. And I don't think it's really the console price that needs to drop it's the games, they are still too high for essentially portable low end versions of full console games and that is the only reason mine is virtually unused.

    Still waiting for Bioshock Vita, sigh.

    I picked up one of these a month or two ago when they dropped down to $200. It really is an underrated piece of hardware, especially if you subscribe to PS+ - I haven't had to buy a single game yet

    Hopefully the boost of sales Soul Sacrifice gave the Vita will entice over developers to take a chance with it. It's an amazing piece of hardware, but the lack of software is really holding it back.

    I find the Vita to be so damn frustrating. It really is an incredible system for a handheld, and has so much potential. It just feels like it's never going to amount to anything great because of the game drought.

    I've got my fingers crossed that things will turn around.

    Vita sales dissapointing then release Tales games or any great Vita only japan only RPG out west then watch em fly out the door

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