What's Up With This 'Xbox Infinity' Stuff?

Maybe you've seen the name "Xbox Infinity" floating around on the internet this week. Maybe you've been wondering just what people are talking about. Don't worry: we're here to help.

Let's address some Frequently Asked Questions.

Is that the real logo for the next Xbox? Nope. It's a Photoshop by a Redditor named C-Ron.

So why do I keep seeing it everywhere? Because it is an image on the internet, and images on the internet never go away. Also, because a lot of people are talking about Xbox Infinity this week.

Where did "Xbox Infinity" come from? Umm... well, really, the name has been floating around the web for months now, along with Xbox Infinite, and Xbox 8 (trademarked by Microsoft last year), and Xbox Fusion, and Xbox 720, and Xbox [INSERT WHATEVER].

Why are people talking about it this week? International Business Times UK reported earlier this week that their sources told them the next Xbox is called Xbox Infinity. They also posted the above photo along with the caption "The Xbox Infinity logo that was leaked on Reddit," which kind of calls into question the entire article, since that logo is a fake.

Is Xbox Infinity really the name of the next Xbox? We don't know.

Why do they call it Xbox Infinity? Because when you see it, you turn infinity degrees and walk away.

Oh. OK. Thanks! You're very welcome. We'll see the new Xbox on May 21, and we'll probably find out what it's called then. Stay tuned.


    I would totally buy a console with the name Xbox [INSERT WHATEVER].

    Just sayin...

      At least with the name 'Xbox [INSERT WHATEVER]', we'd be guaranteed physical media, backwards compatibility, and no region locking.

      Perhaps take a page from Apple's book, and call it the "Xbox".

    "Because when you see it, you turn infinity degrees and walk away."

    That's terrible, for reasons of humour and logic.

      Its a joke about the people who said that about the 360

        My favourite part about that phrase is the fact that turning 360 degrees and you end up where you started.

    I'm still putting my money on just The New Xbox.

    Xbox is a platform now. Its gone beyond being just a console.

    just putting it ou there, its CONFIRMED that the always online crap is not true arstechnica.com/gaming/2013/05/microsoft-next-xbox-will-work-even-when-your-internet-doesnt/

      um that was published on kotaku last week?
      Not a criticism either, just comfirming you knew :)

      Last edited 13/05/13 12:56 pm

      Didn't matter to me whether it was always online or not. Almost everything in this house is always online and Ive had no drama keeping it that way. We are building soon (3 weeks) and making sure we are building in an area that already has the NBN. So being online with one more device wont be an issue. I honestly don't get why people cared. Maybe kids who live at their parents place where they aren't the ones that make decisions about the net. Other than that why should anyone care?

        theyre worried they cant play when they move and havent connected internet yet or when their internet drops out. stupid really

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