When 30 Helicopters Take Off At The Same Time, Bad Things Happen

Thirty helicopters in close proximity taking off simultaneously in the open-world tactical shooter Arma III does not end well. The game is still in development, which means you can expect a great many funny glitches, but YouTube user klusps' video proves that you don't need a glitch to have fun with the game — just good old-fashioned physics.

Arma 3 Epic! Helicopters Take Off [YouTube]


    American Foreign Policy 1946-2013

    Ok that sounds pretty freaking incredibly (except the stuttering).

      He's got his specs maxed, game is still in Alpha state (so code may have not yet been optimized) and he's running fraps =]

      Yeah BIS really pushed their audio, huge improvement in my opinion.

    if they had gone with 29 helicopters everything would have been OK.

    I can't wait for arma 3! This video is awesome.

      It's out, in alpha... It's great fun already :)

    This reminds me I need to download the latest Alpha build! So much fun.

    Gets -1 for not playing Ride of the Valkyries in the background.

    "Hey look, Homer has one of those robot cars!"
    *car crashes*
    "Yeah, an AMERICAN robot car"

    My God... those sono bitches attacked our forward base in the northern province of Kantflyastan. Send in 1,000 airstrikes NOW! Hehe.. that'll show em.

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