When Famous Horror Directors Play Terrible Games Based On Their Movies

Here's a treat. Popular YouTube gamer The Angry Video Game Nerd managed to sit down and play games with the one and only Lloyd Kaufman, co-founder of Troma and the director of classics like Toxic Avengers.

The game he played? The Game Boy version of Toxic Avengers. Which, well, yeah. Wasn't great.

Toxic Crusaders - Angry Video Game Nerd [YouTube, via Topless Robot]


    Hardly a treat. I struggled to make it through all those horrible jokes.

      Eh. All the AVGN stuff is like that, but he has his fans. Enough that they funded him to make a low budget movie.

    That was incredibly painful to watch, just awful.

    That was the worst AVGN episode I have ever watched. First time you've had a creator? Hopefully the last if this is what I should expect.

    Guys just watch some Troma. It will be actually entertaining.

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