When You Accidentally Text A Game Developer, Awesome Stuff Happens

I'm not sure of the origins of this one, so if this belongs to you please let me know, but this was too awesome not to post. It appears as though someone accidentally sent a text to a game developer, and amazing things happened as a result...

From what I can gather the initial inquiry was about a car. The person wanted to buy a car, but got way more than he bargained for. He got an old fashioned adventure involving LeChuck, duels with salmon, vuvuzela and epic encounters with football hooligans.

This is sheer genius. Click through here to read the whole thing!


    I'm surprised we don't know who created this, since presumably the game developer is the one who took the screencaps and posted them.

    Haha that was epic. Had to question some of the guys choices though. Start a fight with football hooligans as opposed to starting a soccer match? I think this guy would suck at choose your own adventure and die 2 pages in. Could have carried the conversation on for soo long.

    How did he come to the conclusion that the person on the other end was a video game developer?

      No, apparently the person in question was a dev. Someone randomly texted them.

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