Which Ones Are Not Real Pokémon Trainers?

Popular smartphone game Puzzle & Dragons is coming to the Nintendo 3DS. The handheld version has two protagonists for 3DS owners to pick from: one male and one female. Can you spot them?

And as commenters on 2ch, Japan's largest online forum, are pointing out, the characters (below) really look like Pokémon trainers.

Puzzle and Dragons is being billed as a "puzzle role-playing game", which adds even more RPG elements to the hugely popular puzzle title.

The game will be out on the 3DS some time this winter in Japan.

パズドラ3DSの主人公ワロタ [2ch]


    The last two "real" couples, what games did they appear in?
    They just look versions from the cartoon.

      Sprites were altered between releases.

        Oh yeah, of course.

        What about May and Whitehair guy. There's a second set that looks more cartoony.
        I don't recall them changing for Emerald.

          Yeah, the top set with green trim is the Emerald pair. White hair was called Brendan, or Brandon, I think.

            OH! So they did get an update?
            So the bottom pair are Ruby?

            I just realised they only did B&W2 and not B&W

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