While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to Monday, what's cracking? This is While You Were Sleeping, the post that collates the news, post pics of sleeping babies and then moonwalks the hell outta there.

I'm going to present this story with little comment: mainly because I think the time for being defensive about video game violence is all but over. That said, video games have always served as a convenient scapegoat and until another craze that parents don't understand rears its head, teenagers will continue to blame them for the heinous things they do.

Ever wonder why all those console style peripherals for Android never really took off? To be honest, I never did. Because I never felt as though I needed one. Maybe that's part of the problem. It's a shame though — with more support, these cool controllers could really be worthwhile. I'd consider getting onboard.

What would happen if Tony Stark invaded Skyrim? This, apparently! And check out how many games made it into Apple's top 100 apps of all time.

Finally, my enthusiasm for David Cage's new game has ebbed and waned, but this gives me a little hope in a weird way: you're going to deliver a baby and attempt suicide in his upcoming game. Heavy.

In Short Call Of Duty Blamed As Boy Admits Killing Mum With Birthday Gift Rifle The Moga Pro Should Have Led The Android Gamepad Invasion Tony Stark Visits The World Of Skyrim, Iron Man Suit And All How Many Games Made It Into Apple's Top 1000 Apps Of All Time? You're Going To Deliver A Baby And Attempt Suicide In This PS3 Game


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