While You Were Sleeping

Wake up, for today you wake up into a universe where EA has the rights to make any and all 'core' Star Wars games.

That's not true... that impossible!

No, it's true. Absolutely true. After the dissolution of Lucasarts, EA snagged the rights to create the games that Lucasarts might have made in a past life. I'll leave it to you to decide whether or not that is a good thing. I'm going to rock the boat a little and say that it is.

Oh and speaking of Star Wars: this X-Wing tabletop game pays tribute to Dark Forces. Very cool.

And in other news: the Oculus Rift continues to be super cool. Imagine getting your head chopped off with the Oculus Rift. Yes, virtually!

Finally, this is what happens when famous horror Directors play the terrible games based on their movies and this is the SEGA we'd all like to remember.

In Short EA Snags Exclusive Deal To Make Star Wars Games Imagine Getting Your Head Chopped Off With The Oculus Rift When Famous Horror Directors Play Terrible Games Based On Their Movies X-Wing Tabletop Game Pays Awesome Tribute To Dark Forces This Is The SEGA We'd Like To Remember


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