While You Were Sleeping

Wake up folks! Time for our morning wrap up of the news.

Well, it seems as though Patrice Desilets has been fired from Ubisoft. Wow. The creator of Assassin's Creed left Ubisoft to work on a new IP at THQ, Ubisoft then acquired the studio that was working with Patrice on his new game. Then they fired Patrice. Apparently Patrice is ready to fight Ubisoft every step of the way for his game.

A lot of Nintendo related nostalgia coming in overnight. This real life Majora's mask is pretty spectacular and I'm actually considering getting this amazing Famicom skin for my Wii U controller. Finally — how do you feel about getting nostalgic for NES games that never actually existed? Yeah, I think I could probably go for that.

I love what I've seen and 'played' on the Oculus Rift so far. Don't know if I'm ready for the mental strain of pretending to be a toddler yet. Oh my God...

In Short Assassin's Creed Designer Patrice Desilets Says Ubisoft Fired Him The Coolest Nintendo Games That Never Actually Existed Real Majoras Mask Is Too Beautiful To Actually Wear This Here Famicom Skin For The Wii U's Gamepad Is A Beaut, No? It's The Horror Game Where You Play As A Toddler Only More Intense


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