While You Were Sleeping

Morning everyone. Man am I sleepy. [Slaps own face] Get it together Mark, get it together! Welcome to While You Were Sleeping.

Grand Theft Auto V: it's taken me a while, but I think I'm finally excited about the new GTA. Every time Rockstar works on a new game it throws out a buzzword along the lines of 'it's bigger than all of our other games combined'. That always kind of worries me because I prefer world density, but with GTA V we might just get it all...

Sony has slowly but surely built themselves up as the indie darlings of the console space. I think it's well earned. Sony has really supported some super innovative video games and the end result has been a PSN filled with must play titles. Sony has shown off four more games and I'm excited for them.

'It's like DayZ but with Dinosaurs' — how can you not click on an article with a headline like that. Come on!

Finally, allow the folk behind The Walking Dead to teach you how to walk like a Zombie and these 151 pokemon were recreated by great artists for charity. Amazing stuff.

In Short Remember: We Have A Lot More Than Los Santos To Discover In GTA V It's Like DayZ But With Dinosaurs Let The Folks Behind The Walking Dead Teach You How To Be A Zombie Sony Still Crazy For Indies Shows Four Very Pretty Games 151 Pokemon Recreated By 151 Awesome Artists For Charity


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