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Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, where we catch up on the news coming in overnight.

But I'm going to be perfectly honest here — last night you weren't really missing much!

The post that grabbed my attention was PS4 related. I imagine that, for this year at least, we're going to see a lot of super-sized 'this-gen' console games ported onto the PS4 and whatever the Xbox thing is called. Assassin's Creed IV will probably fall under this bracket. We can now see exactly how the game will look on PS4. Head here to find out.

Bloody Sim City. What a complete and utter disaster. The issues still continue, now we have this weird disappearing mouse cursur issue to deal with.

Also — how do you like the idea of World of Warcraft as a fighting game? Neversoft, get on that shit ASAP.

And finally this is Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon: The Movie: The Awesome Trailer, and if you've ever thought about using video capture for PC games, maybe this is the device for you?

In Short Here's How Assassin's Creed IV Looks On The PS4 SimCity Now Features Disappearing Mouse Cursors Avermedia Live Gamer Portable Video Capture Box: The Kotaku Review World Of Warcraft As A Fighting Game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon: The Movie: The Awesome Trailer


    You know what, I watched that video ACIV video. What are PS4 games going to look like? Pretty much the same as PS3 ones.

    (also, solar eclipse baby, (even though unfortunately overcast and raining here..))
    (have some more brackets, as I am feeling generous)()()

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