While You Were Sleeping

Morning everyone, let's cut to the chase and get this merry little round-up kicking, shall we?

The biggest news, I would say, is this: the new Phoenix Wright game for the 3DS is getting a release in the west. Kinda. It's digital only, but sweet lord am I relieved that I will be getting the chance to play this game without idiots telling me it won't sell outside of Japan.

On Friday my anime obsessed friend informed me that there's an amazing new anime about giants attacking regular sized human beings. He gave me very little more info, but that was all I needed. I was sold. He must have been talking about Attack on Titan, the subject of this post. Apparently it's inspired a crazy Japanese meme.

Why didn't I think of this Halo wedding ring? Ah, because I'm dumb and have zero imagination. Dammit.

Also this is the story of a man who was jailed in China for running a profitable private server. Finally, I really like this story about Tiger Woods, and the feat that is impossible to replicate in his video game.

In Short Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Dual Destinies Is Coming This Fall Chinese Man Jailed For Running For Profit Private Server Japan's Latest Meme: Photos Of Human Eating Giants Halo Wedding Ring Ends In Tense Warthog Escape It Seems Easy Buy Tiger's Greatest Feat Is Damn Hard In A Video Game http://www.kotaku.com.au/2013/05/it-seems-easy-but-tigers-greatest-feat-is-damn-hard-in-a-video-game/


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