While You Were Sleeping

Another day another dollar. What does that phrase even mean? Something to ponder as we embark upon another episode of While You Were Sleeping, the post that rounds up the news that went down... while you were sleeping.

It isn't video game related really, but I'd like to bring you this list because I think it's super useful. It's a list focusing on all the essential new anime that has been released. I actually recently had a friend recommend Attack on Titan to me, and that tops the list. So I can only assume this is a good one. It's been a while since I've invested in a new anime, maybe it's time...

This was by far my favourite post of last night. There's a new mod that changes the 'You Died' message in Dark Souls to 'Thanks Obama'. Now you know who to blame the next the Capra Demon makes a flesh puree out of your ass.

Detroit is getting a Robocop statue. What is this crazy (awesome) world we live in? Oh, and speaking of robots, this is some really amazing robot art. Finally — this is the new Pokemon gameplay trailer featuring new POKERMONNNNN ERMAHGERD!

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