While You Were Sleeping

Morning! It's Thursday. Thursday is the fourth day of the week. Crazy, huh? Welcome to While You Were Sleeping!

Gran Turismo 6. We all knew it was coming but now it's... um, coming. Yay! It's heading to the PS3 round about the Christmas period. Click on this link for more details.

Despite not really being about games, I wanted to highlight this cool article by Brian Ashcraft — it's a look at 'husband salaries'. It's pocket money for grown men basically, and it's a thing that happens in Japanese families all the time. These are the kind of Kotaku East articles I love — check it out.

Apparently EA is thinking about resurrecting old Star Wars game series. Oh, really? I imagine you already have a laundry list of games you want made. Me too guys, me too...

This is like Left 4 Dead only in the Ukraine and this is a pretty comprehensive list of games based on The Great Gatsby. Yep.

In Short Gran Turismo 6 Comes To PS3 For The Holidays EA's Star Wars Games Might Resurrect Old Series It's Like Left 4 Dead Only In The Ukraine The World Of Japanese Husband Salaries Did You Know There Are Multiple Video Games Based On The Great Gatsby


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