While You Were Sleeping

Isn't it funny how all days have their own narrative attached? Monday, am I right guys? Urgh. Let's all band together in our shared dislike of this terrible day of the week. Also — video game news.

I know a rattle on about the Oculus Rift all the time, but everyone listen! It's amazing! It's for this reason that I'm glad Valve was at work on a set of augmented reality glasses back in the day. I'm sure they're still working on something to this day.

Christmas release for the new Xbox? It certainly looks that way. Here is another sign that is the case with another Microsoft exec spilling the beans this time.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is coming to the PC. This is good news.

I really liked this look at superhero mods infiltrating your video games and, finally, if zombies learn parkour we might as well just call it quits.

In Short Valve Was At Work On A Set Of Augmented Reality Glasses When Several Employees Were Let Go Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Is Coming To The PC Xbox Exec Points To A Christmas Release For The Next Xbox If The Zombies Learn Parkour We're All Screwed Make Your Puny Human Video Game Into A Superhero Adventure


    OK I totally get the narrative for all days except Tue and Thur. What's with those guys?

      Tuesday is bland day. The weekend is already forgotten, so you don't have the 'let down' feel, but the rest of the week is still stretching ahead of you like a casual stroll across the Nullabor with a fitness first complimentary water bottle.
      Many folks get their pay on that day, so every other one is either depressing ("still a week til I get paid,") or joyous.

      Thursday is 'light at the end of the tunnel' day. Friday night has no obligations, so it's practically a weekend day in its own right, a day to look forward to. So while some people think Friday is the 'Tomorrow is going to be great!' day, other people who live for Friday night think that way on Thursday: "Tomorrow I'm going to stay up til 3am and it'll be OK!"

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