While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to Monday, welcome to the new week. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, the post that wraps up the news coming in overnight.

We're still talking about Xbox One. I suspect we'll be talking about Xbox One and the PS4 for the foreseeable future. We'll also be talking about just how relevant consoles are in this day and age. I found this story interesting — on EA exec claimed that the new consoles were a generation ahead of PCs. I just knew this was going to be picked apart. Mark Rein from Epic was one of the first to call 'bullshit'.

The Xbox one has new shoulder buttons. They have rumble. Some people are a bit worried about the impact of that — will they feel like gun triggers? My only worry from that is that we're setting ourselves up for another generation of games about shooting people. I'm about done with that for a while.

I remember how quickly Microsoft abandoned its original Xbox. It seemed like it became irrelevant overnight. Apparently that won't be the case this time round.

Also, on a lighter note — The Onion tackled the Microsoft Xbox One launch in typically brilliant style, and the Call of Duty dog finally gets the rap anthem we all know he deserves.

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