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Okay, this is crazy. It only took 13 years, but a brand new side quest has been found in Final Fantasy IX. How is this even possible? Are people still playing this game? Regardless, it's a great story and a testament to the power of secrets. In this day and age it seems crazy that something like this could be hidden for so long.

I like stories where we get an insight into an aspect of gaming I had never even thought about or considered — this video which shows how Xbox One controllers are built is fascinating. Well worth watching.

It's funny how we take our own culture for granted and just assume every other country is the same — we have our own photoshop trolls in the western world, but now it's time to meet China's photoshop trolls.

Finally, eBay is making the most of the Xbox One's bad PR and Jimmy Fallon's Game of Thrones tribute is amazing.

In Short Jimmy Fallon's Game Of Thrones Tribute Is Surprisingly Amazing Even eBay Is Making The Most Of The Xbox One's Bad PR Meet China's Photoshop Trolls Watch How Xbox One's Controllers Are Built 13 Years Later A New Final Fantasy IX Quest Has Been Discovered


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