While You Were Sleeping

Friday again. What's the standard narrative around Friday again? Oh, I almost forgot — so glad it's Friday! Thank God it's Friday am I right? Welcome to While You Were Sleeping!

Knights of the Old Republic is coming to the iPad. Not much more info than that really. Apparently we'll hear more later, but I'm just glad of an excuse to play the game again. Wonder how it'll work...

This LEGO gun is a little too realistic for my tastes. I mean, it looks amazing but if I worked in a bank and someone tried to rob the joint with this thing, I reckon I'd just go along with it! It's insanely realistic!

I know I'm supposed to remain objective, but how can you not adore Satoru Iwata — he truly is a one man GIF generator. These controller pencil golders are a little bit weird, and this is the closest you'll ever come to seeing a real Pokemon museum.

In Short KOTOR Is Coming To The iPad These Game Controller Pencil Holders Are Oddly Nightmarish The Closest You'll Ever Come To Seeing A Real Pokemon Museum Make This Incredibly Realistic LEGO Gun Nintendo's President Is A One Man GIF Generator


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