While You Were Sleeping: 99 Problems And An Xbox One!

So the day after the day that was, Kotaku is still all about the Xbox One. There's good news I suppose, but it still feels a little bit negative. With some distance I can say that I'm looking forward to seeing the games at E3.

But things like this are worrying: indie developers will not be allowed to self publish on Xbox One. Why not? What is the reasoning behind this? I guess they want to keep the service streamlined but I think these services should be more open, not closed. Just my take.

This, however, is a ray of shining light for me. Microsoft is plotting a new friendlier version of Xbox LIVE for the Xbox One. I really hope so. It's in a really bad state right now.

This might be your first next-gen Need For Speed screenshot. SHINY. We all really hope this is actually proper Xbox One box art and, finally, this is great: these are what all the Xbox 360 launch games looked like. This is a real eye-opener for me. I had sort of forgotten.

In Short Indie Developers Won't Be Able To Self Publish On Xbox One I Hope This Really Is Xbox One Game Box Art This Is Probably Your First Next Gen Need For Speed Screenshot The Xbox 360 Had 18 Games At Launch, Here's What They Looked Like Microsoft Plotting A New, Friendlier Xbox Live For Xbox One


    Nice play on words. Also plotting? Sure does sound like a bad guy from a movie or something I dont know maybe I'm just whinging, but when I look at their presenation and reveal I think, it will take a lot more of a change than just a frendlier Xbox live for me to want the tvbox. Stupid autocorrect sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. And at times is just ducks everything up.

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