Will Final Fantasy X-2 HD Have Its 'Last Mission'? That's Undecided.

The HD revamp of Final Fantasy X-2 looks quite nice in high-definition. However, looks aren't everything! It's what's inside that counts.

And what's inside Final Fantasy X-2 HD? According to Famitsu (via Yahoo! News), it's currently "undecided" whether or not "Last Mission", which featured in the game's international version, will appear in the HD remaster.

As the Final Fantasy X-2 wikia explains, the Japan-only Last Mission version has added content set three months after Vegnagun's defeat and lets players explore Yadonoki Tower, a dungeon that's only available in Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission.

If Square Enix is going to remaster FFX-2, why not add Last Mission too?

HDにリマスターされた『ファイナルファンタジーX-2』の美しさをチェック! [Yahoo! Japan]


    They're remastering the graphics, not the dialogue. If you wanted that new area, you'd have to record all the lines for Riku/Yuna/Paine, and getting hold of the voice actors would be a real chore.

    I'm gonna bank on this being a 'no'. It's a big shame, but if Square isn't going out of their way to add new content to FFX, then I don't imagine they'll go out of their way to record new lines of dialogue.

    fairly certain that the FFX HD remake was the international version, so i assume they'll use the international version of X-2 as well.

      I don't think they've said anything about what FFX version they're releasing.

    The article as currently phrased first implies that 'Last Mission' is in the international version only, then that it is in the Japanese version only. Which is it?

    I'd hope they do - didn't international have the Bare Dresspheres plus one or two more?

    I want the extra scenes from it :(, I didn't realise there was more stuff till a few months ago. I look forward getting 100% on this again.

      I never could get 100% on it. I keep missing the ONE clue that makes Rin the chocobo thief, so I have sat on 15 play throughs and 99.9% completion since the second play through

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