Witness The Destructive Power Of Dubstep In Saints Row IV

During PAX East earlier this year, Tina Amini told us that we could unleash the true power of the dubstep plague in the upcoming Saints Row IV. I did not believe her. I quietly denounced her as a liar. I may have thrown stones from a safe distance. Now I feel mildly bad about it, because here it is: the Dubstep Gun.

Deep Silver (it's still hard not to type THQ) sent over the whole PAX East walkthrough for the game this morning, showing off not only the fabled Dubstep Gun, but also... I wasn't paying attention after the Dubstep Gun. I guess there's a mech suit too.

Fun fact: my kids and I play the dubstep game, in which I swing them around fast, then slow, then fast again, all the while making wah-wah noises with my mouth. They think this is hilarious. I call it Jim Henson's Skrillex Babies.

Anyway, Dubstep Gun and other stuff. Tina was right, I was wrong, still don't trust her.


    The mech looks fun, the superhero powers look fun, the inflation gun looks fun... the dubstep gun looks annoying as hell. Hopefully the wubwub gun is going to be one of those pre-order bonus things or a piece of day 1 DLC that I can skip.

    I was actually worried about the powers thing because I felt it would be slightly too far a leap from where the series came from, but after watching this video I have to say it's actually looking really fun.

    I can't believe these are the same guys that did Freespace 2. That was the pinnacle of awesome and still is quite impressive today.

    This is just derivative, stuff.

    I got to the dubstep gun and gaped.
    I know many are saying that this is just SRTT.5 but I'm definitely starting to see it more differently as they release more info.
    Turning my rocket launcher into a guitar case? awesome. Mech suit? AWESOME. Medal difficulties on diversions? F YES.

    oh wow... after seeing all the latest media for this game, im not really sure that i still want to buy it, SR2 was epic, SR3 was a little farfetched for my taste but still good fun and SR4... having doubts...

    I see heavy elements of crackdown, and the obvious matrix salute, but it's all good!

    Looks like a blast! I still haven't even scratched the surface of SR3... need more time to play it.

    So in saints row 4 your the president of the united states?? running around grabbing people nuts, you also have super powers??

    Aliens and the stupid weapons are the least of my worries now. Couldn't they just make super president VS the aliens and leave the saints as the street gang I kind of liked??

      I have a theory about people like you:
      If you liked all of Saints Row 1, but didn't like the whole "zany" aspect of Saints Row 2, 3 and 4 - go back to playing GTA. It's the game series oriented towards you - hard violence and a gritty real-world scenario featuring the glamor and the underside of the world.
      If you liked SR1, 2 and didn't like 3, something happened to you. Between playing those games, maybe your dog died when someone dressed as a giant soda can came up and punted it. I don't know.

    I didnt like the guns, but hell im loving the super powers...
    Saints Row IV is in my list to pre order...

    I hated SR2, loved SR3 and upcoming SR4 looks insanely fun!

    Loved SR3 co-op, and as long as this one is just as fun and lengthy, I don't much care if it's completely off the walls. I worry that the super powers will make it a tad hard to keep up with each other in co-op though, and being able to fly or jump for miles kind of makes stealing and altering cars a bit useless, but here's hoping you can't use them whenever you like or they don't come into the game until much later on.

    What's next? Ninja Stars, knives with scope attachments, and high-velocity watermelon launchers, perhaps?

    Jaykin' Bacon has officially hit the big leagues; when a larger dev rips off your ideas and tries to pretend nobody noticed.

    Can't wait for a game that revolves around basically god mode. Saints row for life.

    YESSSSS!!! There is nothing better than sandbox cities you can actually play in. GTAs are fine, but at the end of the day you are just a psychopath with guns, in saints row you are a psychopath with superpowers.

    Linked is now 'private'. Replacement link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKhZjF4RqQM

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