Woman Shows How To Kick Arse At Work

This is Nao Nagasawa. She's here to unleash fists of fury. And do so at the office, apparently!

With Wong Kar-Wai's Grandmaster coming out in Japan, website Movie Enter! thought it would be a good idea for Nao Nagasawa to show off how Chinese martial arts can be used in your daily life — whether that's dealing with creeps, vending machines, or even office romances.

The result is a series of amazing GIFs. (You might need to wait a few seconds for them all to load.)

But what if you like your co-worker? Well...

And after all that fighting, you get really thirsty.

Of course, this isn't serious! And as far as movie promotions go, it's pretty clever.

Nagasawa is especially good at pulling off the kicks and attacks. She's appeared in Super Sentai (Power Rangers) and Kamen Rider shows since 2002, so no doubt, she's had her share of martial arts training.

オフィスでの護身術から恋愛術まで! [Movie Enter!]


    aaaand this has what to do with games exactly?

      The justification is that Kotaku has always been about more than just 'video games'. Still, I don't understand Kotaku's obsession with immature Japanese culture. This is neither funny nor interesting

      Last edited 01/06/13 12:05 pm

    she can kick my ass any day

      yes indeed and they need to make her do Chun Li Cosplay ~~sexy~~

    when i saw the title why did i just assume this would be a patricia hernandez male bashing article by default?

    *sigh* every single time that i read a brian ashcraft article there always idiots commenting on how it's related to gaming.

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