World Of Warcraft... As A Fighting Game?

World of Warcraft... as a fighting game? Hey, it could work judging by this mock-up by Redditor GuardianReflex.


    I think half the point of reposting this lazy crap from the American kotaku is to show just how much better the Australian version is.

    As an aside, my opening sentence is longer than the entire article.

    Lets speculate on what sort of form it could take, perhaps it could retain the rpg elements of getting specific attacks and spells so every character can be tailored to the individual style of the player. Summons could still function as long as multiple targeting is an option so more defensive/support classes could still be effective. Abilities can be mapped to bumpers & triggers, the face buttons can have light/heavy attack, block & dodge, right stick could control targeting, left stick & dpad control movement as normal.

    I'm envisioning a multiplayer arena structure, feeling kind of like god of war style games when you have a locked target but it can flick through targets with the right stick to rapidly change focus. Having 4v4 size fights could be really interesting and be the shot in the arm the frankly exhausted fighting game genre has needed since the 90s.

      Though given some of the minigames WoW has incorporated in the past, who knows, maybe this could be integrated into the game

      World of Blizzcraft Brawl anyone? Throw in some Hydralisks and a Raynor, or an unsuspectingly-uber-powered Deckard Cain?

      I imagine it would be like current WoW pvP style, but more fluid in target switching/spell casting. Maybe you can equip spells before you start the game?

    dont see anything wrong with the post? it fits in here. not everything is worthy of an article but may still be of interest, sheesh

      true +1

    Well, at least she didn't manage to work in homosexuality into this article and white knight herself as its saviour for once...

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    What's more annoying than a stupid one line repost is that it's a repost from Reddit.
    Hmmm maybe I can get all my cool stuff and news from there instead...

    And it's not even a link to the right story, it's a link to the user's profile. Sad, just sad.

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