Wow, An Eternal Darkness Sequel Might Actually Happen

Wow, An Eternal Darkness Sequel Might Actually Happen

A sequel to Eternal Darkness — long requested and long rumoured — could actually be happening soon. IGN has a teaser for the upcoming game (embedded below), which the developers are calling Shadow of the Eternals, a spiritual successor to the 2002 GameCube cult classic.

Eternal Darkness game director Denis Dyack is involved with the new one too, and they’re going to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Monday.

If you’ve read Kotaku‘s look at Dyack’s company, Silicon Knights, you might be a bit sceptical that this will go anywhere. We don’t blame you. Stay sceptical.


  • A “spiritual successor” to Eternal Darkness… That’s the first red flag. If anything is a spiritual anything to a great game there’s a high chance it’s going to suck majorly or not hold up to expectations

    • Systemshock > Bioshock.
      Thief > Dishonored.
      Demon’s Souls > Dark Souls.
      Total Annihilation > Supreme Commander.

    • I would have thought the wii-u was the spiritual succesor of the gc 😉
      But I would love to swipe at cockroaches on the gamepad!

  • Considering the story that was reported about how downhill Silicon Knights have gone once people stopped forcing them to turn out quality projects I hope this fails before it even has a chance to get off the ground.

  • Another Eternal Darkness would be fantastic.
    However, it would have to be just as good as the original. Even if its merely “above average” in comparison to other games, if it doesn’t stand up to the original I don’t want it made at all.

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