Wow, This Counter-Strike Trailer Is Fantastic

Unless you're actually a player, you probably think Counter-Strike is a bit old-fashioned. A little stale compared to other modern shooters.

And hey, I think you're right. I also think that doesn't matter here, because this is a Korean commercial commissioned in 2012 for an Asia-only Counter-Strike game most of you will never have played anyway.

So...just enjoy it!


    Gives me a false impression of counter strike now...and why do Korean's/Asia market have their own there something wrong with CS:GO...besides not having female models in the game.

      because its CS2 not CS or CS:GO

        Well that explains it, if only politics was so short and concise.

        By the way it's CSO2 =)

    I was waiting for the "Counter-Terrorists Lose" voice over at the end. Now I am a little disappointed.

    That female sniper seems really out of place. Compared to every other play model I've seen in CS, she's showing way too much skin and looks... well, kinda like a JRPG character. I'm not complaining about how she's very obviously sexualized, I'm just saying she doesn't look like she belongs in counterstrike.

    Is it wrong that I got more enjoyment out of that trailer than I did from Global Offensive?

    Man, high production values. Does anyone know whether this trailer was made with Source Filmmaker?

    nothing like the good ol Inception "BWAAAAAAAAAAH" sound effect to add a bit of drama to a trailer

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