XBlaze Isn't Just For BlazBlue Fans

Arc System Works is well known for their fighting game series —- in particular, the Guilty Gear series and the BlazBlue series. Now, they're releasing a new adventure game that is linked to the BlazBlue games.

XBlaze: Code Embryo is a visual novel set to come out in Japan this upcoming July. As stated above, the game is "linked" to the BlazBlue game series world, though does not necessarily take place in the same world. So while people well versed with the fighting game series may encounter key words, events, or even characters they find familiar, XBlaze is meant as a stand-alone game/story — which means there's no need for fighting game novices to trudge through the other games beforehand.

The story centres around the fantastical adventures of an ordinary high school student who, through a series of events, encounters a mysterious girl in a quarantine zone. The game features a colourful cast of characters, most of whom look like they belong in a fighting game of their own.

Unlike most visual novels, XBlaze will apparently not have the standard choice selection system. Instead, there will be an in-game information-gathering system and how this system and the information gathered is utilised will determine the player's fate.

XBlaze: Code Embryo is scheduled for release on July 25 in Japan. No word on an international release, but the visual novel aspect of the game makes that possibility somewhat slim. The game will be for the PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita.

Interestingly, the game will not be released on the PSP — an indicator that at least in Japan, some publishers are gaining enough confidence in the Vita that they are beginning to let go of its predecessor.


    Cool, but would still rather a new fully featured guilty gear series.

      There is Guilty Gear Xrd...

      Wow, you missed the announcement trailer for Guilty Gear Xrd -sign-? Well, you're in for a treat!


        Isn't it on vita though? I was hoping for something I could play in my lounge room on a big screen.

          I'm pretty sure they haven't announced platforms (other than an initial Arcade release), but it'd likely be for current-gen or next-gen consoles, particularly with the use of Unreal engine. What you're probably thinking of is Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R, which is the current revision of the arcade version of Guilty Gear XX that's coming to Vita (and also supposedly to the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation network versions of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus in the way of an update).

            Alright cool, well I will definitely keep an eye out for that one then. Thanks.

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